Great news!

New bulk email system in exPub

We have the pleasure of introducing a completely new feature in exPub, a powerful newsletter builder. You can now send emails to your customers from within exPub and your email will match your company profile...every time!

With this system, you can build your email from existing articles, properties in your property listings or products from your webshop. Add items you already have and compose a professional-looking email. The email links the articles, properties, or products directly to the website for each item so you never need to spend time doing this manual in other email systems. You save time and money and your emails are ready to send in only a few minutes.

Email addresses are extracted from your contacts/customers in the CRM, contact form responses, or newsletter subscribers. If you have larger email lists, send it to us and we will import for free for you.

It has never been easier to send out emails to your customers or contacts. 

Start sending emails by ordering your bulk email package here.