Bulk Email


Bulk email in exPub

We have now developed a newsletter emailing system in exPub so you can send an email directly to your customers without having to export them and import them to an external mailing system. You manage all inside exPub, simple, and convenient. You can select email addresses from your newsletter subscribers, contacts, or customers from your webshop as well as contacts from your contact form.

You have access to an email newsletter builder where you can write a new article, select an article from your website, select a property from your property listing or a product from your webshop and it will be nicely integrated into the message. You will have access built a template that will contain your logo and contact details, so the emails will match your corporate profile every time. You do not need to design your own templates.


We offer a far better price than you get from most commercial marketing email sites, but most importantly, you can reuse content from your website so you save time and money.

  Price per message (USD) Total Price
500 messages THB 0.380 (0.012) THB 190
1000 messages THB 0.340 (0.011) THB 340
2500 messages THB 0.256 (0.0083) THB 640
5000 messages THB 0.198 (0.0064) THB 990

Prices are per message and the credit never expires.