Nek Kabel and Nek Sealine

Sophisticated product categorizing and attribute system

Customer’s problem

Nek Kabel spent a lot of time creating product spec sheets in PDF format. This has always been a manual and time-consuming process. They also needed these product spec sheets to be available online for customers to search and find products easily.

One of the other issues they needed to solve was that some of the products from the main website (Nek Kabel) also should be available on Nek Sealine in English only while, on the main website, product information should be available in both Norwegian and English.

The solution

We built a highly scalable and flexible attribute system with templates for organizing product specifications into tables and being able to combine multiple templates into a product type template. By using the templating system, Nek Kabel got a system that always generates the same layout structure and saves time in adding the data. The data would then be available on automatically generated PDF documents as well as directly on the website. The attribute system is also able to duplicate content from one language to a second language and thereafter modify data that are different in language.

To solve the second issue, Nek Kabel and Nek Sealine are both using as this system has the ability to share information across websites. Thereby we were able to add all products in the main website and share to the second website without any effort at all. This again saved a considerable amount of time and resources.